The Importance of Safety at Home

I have to share my experience with home security systems because I thought they were a joke for decades. I came from a large family and we lived in a decent neighborhood. We never had a need for a security system and our family all grew up and thrived just fine. Our home was indeed broken into one time that I can recall, and we happened to be out of town and we robbed by a neighborhood boy who knew we were gone. He was caught by his own father and all our belongings were returned to us. Since I had never experienced a need for a home security system I believed it was just a waste of money to get one, or even worse, something to give would be robbers the knowledge that there is something of value in your home to protect.

Well that all changed about three summers ago. I now have a family of my own, all school age children, and we still have never used a security system. We live in a middle class neighborhood at the end of a cul-de-sac and have been here for six years or so. One early fall my neighbors across the street were foreclosed on and they left their beautiful home to move to another state. The home sat, empty, dark, and alone, until one day someone was in the home. It was only a matter of weeks before a whole group of squatters had made my neighbor’s home their new home. Though the cops were called and they were kicked out on multiple occasions, they always came back.

Over the months the home started to turn into what appeared to be a drug operation. Oddly the squatters were very quiet and kept to themselves, but there was no doubt that something odd was going on in that home. The local law enforcement was visiting more often but people were returning to the home quicker than usual. It has now been nine months of this and was early summer the following year. My son had just laid down to go to sleep when we heard the blood curdling yell.


“Mom, Dad, the house is on fire,” screamed my ten-year-old. My husband and I quickly ran upstairs to see that the home across the street was burning fast and hot. It was only 10:00 at night, but all my neighbors lights were off. We quickly ran to the surrounding homes and woke up our neighbors and got them out of their beds. The house burnt half way to the floor and jumped across to a neighbor’s house that also burnt to the ground. The fire department determined the fire was indeed arson and the only person who say the people in the home that night was my ten-year-old son.

From that night on my children were scared to sleep, they were scared that someone would come back and burn the house down. We finally invested in home security Phoenix to try and get my children to feel safe. My children for the first time in months were able to sleep through the night again. The security system didn’t just protect my kids, it gave them their sense of security. What they don’t know is that a few months later we received a letter from the local prosecutor telling us that my son was required to come to court and testify about what he saw that dreadful night. As a parent I feared for my son, and the security system for the first time made me sleep well at night too knowing that I was doing everything I could to keep my children safe.